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Add a carrier form - STM

Creating a new carrier form can be done just in 3 simple steps:

Create a new carrier form

Step 1: Click “Add new form” at the top right of your Forms list.



Step 2: In the “Add New Form” pop up, you’ll need to name the form and upload it from your computer. Then click “Add Form.”


Configuring (mapping) a carrier form

Once a new form is added/imported or by clicking on an existing one, you’ll be taken to the mapping tool. The form will automatically generate in BerniePortal with a list of information that you may drag onto the form.


Step 1: Scroll through the list of information options on the left and drag the necessary pieces of information into the mapping field. If the information you need is not listed, you might try adding a custom field. Hover over the actions gear next to the custom field to edit or delete.  – Users should see these custom questions during their enrollment process after they’ve elected the plan with which the form is attached to.


Step 2: Adjust the position of each piece of information to match the carrier form. Try and line the information links to the appropriate fields. It may not be perfect, but that’s ok!


Step 3: Add a signature block that pulls an employee’s signature from their enrollment and maps it onto the document. Hover over the actions gear next to the signature block to edit or delete.


Step 4: Use the ‘download PDF preview’ to check your progress.


Step 5: Save & Continue




Implementing a new carrier form

Once the form has been uploaded into your Forms Library, and has been mapped appropriately, you’ll need to attach it to a plan. This is performed within the individual plan’s settings.


Step 1: Visit the “Plans” area of your Benefits feature and select a plan that you wish to add the form to.


Step 2: In the plan’s configurations, select “Add Form.”



Step 3: In the “Choose a Form” pop up, use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate form to attach.



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