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Add an employee to 1094/1095 - C

Click the “Add” button in the top right hand corner and two options will appear – import employees using spreadsheet or individual employee. Click here if you’re uploading employees via census spreadsheet.


Step 1: Employee Information – fill out the required employee information fields including ALE Subgroup. If you only file one 1094C, your default subgroup may be “All Employees”


Step 2: Employee offer and coverage – Using specific ACA codes, input an employee’s proof of coverage records using the dropdown of options or inputting your own.


Step 3: Choose to include with submission


BernieTip: The following view appears when clicking on an individual from the list, and you’ll be able to edit the same information. When importing clients via spreadsheet, you’ll be able to manually enter employee codes in the downloaded template. Click here to learn how to upload an employee census.


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