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Adjust employee compensation

An employee just got a raise, or maybe a promotion. You’ll want to adjust that individual’s compensation by selecting the action while in the employee list feature. The change will push with any payroll integrations as well as update employee’s income based benefits.


Step 1: From the employee menu, find the individual who needs an adjustment


Step 2: Select “Compensation Adjustment” from the actions icon next to the appropriate employee




Step 3: Clicking “adjust salary” (for permanent adjustments) or “other” (one time addition or deduction)




“Adjust Salary”:


To make a permanent adjustment, choose the “adjust salary” option and input new salary. Define whether compensation is per hour or on a per year basis and choose effective date of the adjustment.


Adjusting hourly compensation will automatically calculate what an employer’s annual salary looks like.






Selecting “other” allows employers to make one time additions or deductions to an individual’s paycheck. Input amount, type of transaction, and when the employee will see the adjustment.




BernieTip: Compensation can also be adjusted while in employee details (clicking on an employee’s name from employee menu). While in an employee’s details, choose “Compensation” from the menu options on the left and click “add new adjustment” on the right.




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