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Agency Account Settings

Edit important agency account information and configure much of your client’s and service team BerniePortal settings under the “Account” tab in your profile dropdown. With BerniePortal’s ever expanding range of broker tools, you can make adjustments your portal’s settings whenever and however you prefer.


BernieTip: Find your Account settings by clicking on your group profile picture in the upper right corner of the main menu.


Choose an Account Settings item to learn more:


Edit basic account information (name, email, password)

Add a logo to customize your BerniePortal

Add brokers to your agency

Add service team members and regulate their access

Attach your account to an another plan library

Configure email settings

Customize your BerniePortal homepage

Or jump to one of this feature's FAQs:


- How do I add a new service team member?

- How do I add a new broker?


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