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Benefit Subgroups – Feature Admin

Subgroups allow for the offering multiple suits of benefit offerings around different groups of employees. Benefits are subgroup based, meaning that you’ll have to attach plans to a specific subgroup in order to offer them to the appropriate employees.


While in the “Subgroups” area of your Benefits feature, click on a subgroup’s name to edit its configurations or click on the actions gear to the right of each subgroup to clone it.


FAQ: What is cloning?


Within a benefit subgroup you’ll have the options to:



Once your subgroup is created, configure it’s benefit settings to your match your desired features. Here’s a list of benefit settings that can be managed to create specific benefit offering strategies.


Rename the subgroup - Fill in the subgroup’s name and make sure to save your changes.


Add FEIN (tax ID) numbers - Input appropriate tax ID numbers.


Designate the group a COBRA subgroup - If this group is to be configured under COBRA preferences, check the box next to “This is a COBRA subgroup.”


Adjust # of deductions - Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly options for deductions are currently

available for your subgroups’ in BerniePortal.


Edit Spousal Surcharge - Available to subgroups who have spousal surcharge turned “on.” Adjust the amount of additional costs to an employee who is affected by the surcharge.

Edit Defined Contribution - If you participate in defined contribution, make changes to them here. Defined contribution settings may look different than the example below (additional buckets of contribution). To learn more about the types of defined contribution and how each approach can help your employees, click here.



Once plans are added or imported to your benefits menu, attach them to subgroups to make them available for employees to elect during their enrollment.


“Attach plans to a subgroup”:


Step 1: Choose a specific benefit subgroup that you would like to attach a plan to

Step 2: Click “Attach Benefit” and select a plan to attach

Step 3: Adjust the order of which employees see their plan options by dragging a plan in the left menu


“Add/Edit employer contributions under the plan’s coverage tiers”:


Step 1: Select the plan you wish to make contributions to

Step 2: Under “Coverage Tiers” you’ll notice total premium costs of plans, employee deductions, and employer contributions. Type in employer contributions and employee deduction will automatically update. Alternatively, adjust employee deductions and employer contributions will update accordingly.


“Import benefit data from another subgroup”:


Click “import benefit data from another subgroup” if you’d like to add existing plan data to your selected plan.




Attach employees to benefit subgroup”:


Once configured, it’s now time to add employees to the benefit subgroup. Assigning employees is done from an individual employee’s profile, accessible from your Employees list. 

In the Employee's profile, hover over the actions gear in the "Subgroups" area and assign the employee to a feature's subgroup.





The integrations menu lists carriers with which your company has chosen to integrate with. When integrations are turned ON, each carrier integration will have their own set of required codes you’ll input to successfully push information between systems.



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