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BerniePortal offers a unique and automatic billing tool called BernieBill. The bill will generate in a PDF format which can be downloaded directly to your computer, after which, all you have to do is print the invoice and pay the due amount.


Also, since you’re generating the bill yourself, you have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments before the bill is generated and paid.


Participating BernieBill carriers are listed across the top of the Bills area. Click on the appropriate carrier and then choose from two side menu options:





Current Bill

Here, you can review current bills status and make any last-minute adjustments, then ultimately generate the invoice for the next billing period.

1. Review the current bill to verify that all employees you expect to see on the bill are on it. Use the “sort by” dropdown to organize bill by benefit type or use the search bar to find a specific employee.

2. Terminate any employees that should have been terminated directly from the Current Bill by hovering over the actions gear and clicking “Terminate”. This action will automatically carry over to the employee’s account within the Employees area. The bill will update in real time.


3. Generate a bill for the next billing period by clicking “Generate Bill.” You can download the PDF by clicking “View PDF” that will appear after you generate. The PDF will also now appear in the Past Bills area.


The blue “Generate Bill” button is available based on each individual carrier’s billing rules. These rules can be reviewed anytime and are found in the top right side of your Current Bill area.


BernieTip: If a bill is not generated manually during the appropriate billing period, that bill will generate automatically according to the Benefit Provider’s billing rules and will appear in Past Bills.




After a bill has been generated, no changes can be made to that particular month’s bill. If any changes that would have impacted the bill are made after the bill has been generated, those changes will appear as adjustments on the upcoming month’s bill.



Past Bills

The Past Bills area keeps track of all previously generated bills. Simply click on the latest version PDF to view your bill.


BernieTip: To view an employee-level detail on the bill, you are able to see that in the CSV version of the bill. It can be downloaded directly in Past Bills. Alternatively, the latest version of a given month’s bill appears in the Reports area in the Billing Report.




If you’d like a “clean” looking bill without any adjustments, you have the option to regenerate up to three versions of each month’s bill.


Hover over the actions gear of the appropriate billing period and click “Regenerate”.


New PDFs and CSVs will generate in the “Latest Version” column and the previous ones will move over to the “Previous Versions” column.


Note: Regenerating a bill will have no effect on any other bill.




BernieTip: Leave behind important messages regarding bill regeneration in the “Notes” column for each billing period. Notes will remain, and can be updated at any time just by clicking on the text field.

You can also use the field to record when you paid the bill along with the check number.





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