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BerniePortal’s Benefit Booklets feature allows you to build comprehensive file of plan details, that are distributable amongst clients. Design templates that can be regenerated for all of your clients and their corresponding subgroups.


Once you’ve designed a template, let Bernie automatically pull all plan information for you, giving your clients a precise understanding of plans that are being offered to them.


Click on the “Booklets” tab within the Benefits feature to be taken to your Booklets library. From here, you have the options to add a new template, or import an existing one from other affiliated agencies. Below, you can also learn how to edit an existing template and begin generating them.




Creating a new template

BerniePortal gives you the option to create a custom booklet template that can be generated for multiple clients. Learn to take advantage of the customizable booklet options in the FAQ below.


FAQ: How do I create a new booklet?


You also have the opportunity to import existing templates for you to use for creating a booklet.

Edit an existing template

Simply click on the template’s title in your library to make changes to an existing template.


Once in a template’s settings, you’ll be able to edit the following:


  1. Front and back cover pages
  2. Custom sections


Edit front and back cover pages:


Customize the front and back pages of the templates to create a branded look for your clients’ booklets.


Notice the custom editing options in the page editing toolbar above the content box. Use the “Insert” tool to add personal touches like logos and client names to the template.



Add custom section:


Include additional information to further your client’s understanding of their plan offerings. Start by naming your section(s) title. Then, add custom text by using the Editing tool, or upload a .pdf instead by using the format dropdown menu. Just click save to add the custom section.




Generate a benefit booklet

Once your custom template is organized to your preference, it’s time to generate some booklets. From your Booklets library, hover over the actions gear and select “Create booklet.”



A “Create booklet” pop up will appear. Choose which employer and corresponding subgroup that you wish to generate a booklet for. Click “Configure” when ready to generate.




Last minute exclusions and reorganization can be made here before you download a booklet. Simply uncheck the box next to a plan document that you do not want to be included in the booklet, or change the order in which the documents are presented by dragging and dropping them.


When you’re ready to generate, click “download booklet” in the top right.



Once everything looks good, it’s time to send off the booklet to your groups! Scroll to the bottom of the booklet configuration screen and find the “Send booklet to” address bar.


Type in the email of the group’s admin and click “generate & send.” The admin will receive an email with a downloadable link for the booklet.




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