As candidates begin applying to your open positions, you’ll start to see a list of prospective new hires grow in the Candidates area. If you’re looking for a specific applicant, use the search bar at the top of the candidate list or sort by status. Search applicants by job in the Job List.


Within the Candidates list you’ll be able to:




Candidate Status

Applicants can have 1 of 4 different status. Applicants may show the following status’



The prospective new hire currently has 1 application submitted and is going through the hiring stages, which are defined in the job’s configuration.




The prospective new hire currently has more than 1 application submitted to work at your company. These applications can be active or already denied. Click on the applicant’s name to view all of their job applications.




This applicant has been hired! You can now add them to your company’s BerniePortal through the Onboarding feature.




Looks like you decided to go another direction for that position and declined this candidate. If an applicant has submitted multiple applications for different job opportunities, they will appear in the “Multiple” status until all applications have been denied.


Decline or Reconsider a Candidate

From the Candidates list, you can hire or reconsider a candidate just by hovering over the actions gear next to the applicant that you want to adjust.


Decline a Candidate:

Declining a candidate will halt the prospects hiring process, and they’ll be able to receive an email message from BerniePortal informing them that your company has decided to go in a different direction for the opportunity.





Reconsider a Candidate:


Choosing to reconsider a candidate will re-open their application. This will bring their application back to an active status and will be able to go through the hiring steps again.




View Candidate Details

Clicking on an applicant from the Candidates area will take you to their individual candidate information. View each individual’s application, send and receive messages, and leave feedback.



“View Applications”:


The candidate’s application(s) will be listed in the left-side tertiary menu. Click through each application to view specifics.


Within each application, you’ll find personal and contact information, answers to questions asked, as well as documents provided.


Advance or retract the status of the candidate by using the blue arrows next to the progress bar under their name.


Hire or decline a candidate simply by hovering over the actions gear in their hiring process bar.






All members of the hiring team will be able to communicate directly with a candidate. Send a message directly to a candidate by clicking on “Messages” in the left-side tertiary menu, and then clicking “Create New Message” in the upper right corner of the Messages area.


A list of current conversations between your hiring team and the candidate will appear in the messages list. These are organized by the job and conversation thread.


To view an existing message thread, simply click on the subject line to read past communications with a candidate.


You can delete a message thread by hovering over the actions gear.



“Leave Feedback:”


All members of your hiring team are able to communicate with one other by using the Feedback feature. Candidates will not see any communication posted here. This is a useful tool to capture insight from all members of the hiring team regarding a certain candidate.


To leave feedback, access the “Feedback” feature in the Candidates left-side tertiary menu, and click “New Feedback”.


You’ll be able to view all of a candidate’s feedback left by yourself and other hiring team members in the feedback list.




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