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Are you Importing Employees using a spreadsheet, Onboarding New Hire in BerniePortal, or Onboarding a hired Candidate from the Jobs feature? Let’s note the differences between the two methods of adding new hires.


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Import Employees Using Spreadsheet

Upload a pre-filled census in an excel format. This may be a preferred method when initially building out a portal, or when adding multiple employees at once.


Steps for adding new hires via census:


Step 1: Download the census form (excel format)


Step 2: Necessary fields are listed by column



Step 3: Once the all information is inputted into the census form, return to the BerniePortal “Import” menu and click “Choose File” to upload your data.


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Step 4: Click “Import”


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Onboard/New Hire

Whether adding a new hire from the Employees List or Onboarding a Candidate who was hired in the Jobs feature, use the BerniePortal online Onboarding tool to add Employees directly into BerniePortal by filling out the appropriate fields in a single form - some of this information may already be filled out if they have an existing BerniePortal account and are being hired via the Jobs feature.


Steps for Onboarding a new hire via BerniePortal:


Step 1: If you have the new hire’s email address, select ‘Yes’ and input below. If you do not have an email address, you will receive a PDF download containing login instructions for the new hire once all information is uploaded.




Step 2: Fill in all hire information seen below.




Step 3: Complete payroll information including hire date, employee type (full time, part time), salary (per year, per hour), overtime preferences (available overtime rates include 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x), hire type (W-2, 1099), and expected hours of work per week. The employee ID should be automatically generated but can be edited here.




Step 4: Assign the new hire to their respective subgroups by using the dropdown menus under each subgroup category.




Step 5: The new hire’s benefit effective dates will generate below based on the “Timeframe Subgroup.Adjustments to individual benefit offerings can be made in the Benefit Effective Dates menu below the subgroups. Click “Edit (for this hire only)” to change the effective date for that benefit.



Step 6: Assign PTO approvers to the new hire by searching their name in the space provided. Choose up to 3 PTO approvers.




Step 7: Attach your onboarding material here, in the documents section. Use the dropdown menu for each category and choose a template. You may also edit custom onboarding material by clicking “Edit (for this hire only),” and will only be updated for this specific hire. Download PDF previews of the onboarding documents.




Step 8: Submit & Send log in information to new hire’s email. The new hire will now appear in your employee list.


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