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Your clients should be just as excited about the opportunity to use state of the art software to help them simplify their HR tasks and benefit administration. Adding the client into BerniePortal is a quick two-step process from your Client List.


  1. Add new client and input information in BerniePortal


FAQ: How do I add a new client?


  1. Complete the BerniePortal Master Subscription Agreement


FAQ: How do I complete MSA certificate?


Once the process of adding your new client complete, they will be able to access their own employer account from which they can begin configuring their employer account and start adding employees. Once an employer’s BerniePortal has been created, you’ll be able to assist them with configuring settings and customizations in “Edit Mode.”


Click here, to learn more about edit mode.




Master Subscription Agreement Badge

Once a client is added to BerniePortal, they will be sent a master subscription agreement (MSA) to the email provided during the “Add a client” steps.


MSA Badge – Shows that the client has yet to complete their master subscription agreement form. You can resend them the welcome email containing the form by clicking the “MSA” badge next to the client in your Client List. You’ll have the opportunity to change the email if necessary.




View important client info

By clicking on a group’s name from the client list, you’ll notice a list of categories of employer information. You’ll have access to the following details.


  1. Employees: View the client’s master employee list. You can click on an individual employee to access their personal/demographic information and view benefit details. Download an employee’s election sheets, make adjustments their PTO, and save their reviewed notices as a spreadsheet.


  1. Subgroups: View the client’s subgroupings, including each subgroup’s configurations and integrations. Click on a subgroup to view details.


  1. Benefits: View the employer’s benefit library and access plan details. See the client’s provider details, integration settings, timeframe configurations, and other general info. Write notes next to corresponding provider details and timeframes for reminders. Integrations can also be turned on/off here.


  1. Onboarding: See pending onboarding new hires and view the group’s onboarding templates.


  1. Reports: Run reports for specific clients when information is needed. Click here to learn more about running a report and what information is able to be generated. (link to how to run a report)


  1. Notices: Check status of notices as well as e-signatures and number of views for each notice.


  1. PTO: View and edit an employer’s PTO subgroups. Click on a subgroup to access its settings preferences. 


  1. 1094C/1095C: View/download previously generated ACA compliance forms.


  1. Tasks: Check on the status of tasks that were assigned to your agencies affiliated members (brokers, service team members, etc.). Click on the task to make any edits to it or add a new task. Click here to learn more about how tasks can help your agency.


  1. Account Information: View employer information such as FEINs, number of employees, and what BerniePortal features that they have active.



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