Creating notices

BerniePortal’s notices features revolves around assigning new notices to categories in order to keep them organized and ensure that employees receive the correct information. When you create a new notice, you’ll need to assign new notices to an existing category or create a new category that better reflects the contents of its notices. The notices menu displays current categories with existing notices within them. See below snapshot for reference and example. 




Add a category:


Step 1: Click the “Add categories” icon at the top right of the notices menu


Step 2: Type the name of the notices category to help organize them by subject


Step 3: Drag created categories to reorder their appearance


Step 4: Click save


*Remove a category by clicking the actions wheel to the right of the category you wish to delete and select “remove”





Once you’ve created a category or have an existing one, add a new notice to send out to employees. You’ll be able to edit custom made notices once created by hovering over the actions gear next to each notice. To add a new notice to a category:  

Add a new notice:


Step 1: Click “Add new notice” from the notices menu


Step 2: Use the dropdown menus to select which subgroup and category or employees that the notice needs to be sent to


Step 3: Create a subject line (this is what employees will see in their dashboards before opening the message)


Step 4: Draft a message and attach any necessary documents to accompany the notice




Step 5: Require a signature from an employee and/or add an email notification by selecting the check box next to the two options


Step 6: Click “add”




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