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Time Dashboard - Employee

Clocking in and out has never been simpler. Right from your BerniePortal homepage, you can record time with just a click of the mouse.


Clock in:


In your Time Dashboard, click the “I’m here” button below “Ready to clock in?” Your timesheet will be stamped at that time and your colored graphs will begin recording your time.

Clock out:


Clock out in the same fashion, except now the button will read “I’m leaving.” Your timesheet will be stamped for the time you clock out and your colored graphs will stop counting.





BernieTip: Upon clicking “I’m here” or “I’m leaving,” a confirmation pop up will appear, where you’ll be able to verify your time or request an edit. Your request is then sent to your time approver and if approved, you will notice the automatic correction in your “View all time” records.




Understanding your Time dashboard


Total time for the current time cycle appears in the right in your Time dashboard.


Your “current time graphs update as you work, so you can keep track of your work week’s progress down to the minute.


“Hours Remaining” count down from your hours per week while “Total Hours” keeps a running tally to help keep track of overtime hours.


To view your current timesheet, past time records, and time of other employees for which you may be the approver of, click “View all time” at the bottom of your Time Dashboard. Learn more about the Time feature here.


FAQ: I made a larger clocking mistake! How can I fix it? 




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