My Time

“My Time” gives you at-your-fingertips access to all of your time records for your reference and convenience. In the tertiary navigation area under “My Time” you’ll see two options:



Current Time

Review your current timesheet including any manual adjustments or edits. You’ll see your activity by hours worked each day.


In the bottom, right corner of the time table, you can view total number of hours for the cycle.


If an edit has been approved to a logged entry, you’ll see an exclamation point. To see what the edit was and the reason for it, click on the exclamation point.


If an edit has been requested but not yet approved, you’ll see a chat bubble with your "reason for edit". To see what the reason for the request was, click on the chat bubble.


Below is an example of a timesheet. The black arrows walk you through a clock in, clock out, and a total time for that work session.


FAQ: How do I fix a clocking mistake?



Past Time

BerniePortal allows you to review past timesheets as well. All past timesheets are stored in Bernie’s online memory bank so that you can keep track of the hours you’re getting paid for. Clicking on the past time cycle will display the timesheet for that time cycle along with any adjustments and comments made.



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