Change HSA Amount

A Health Savings Account is a valuable benefit to offer employees instead of cost reimbursements. Contributions can be made by an employer in addition to an employee’s own contribution, tax free.


Throughout the year, employees may want to adjust how much they contribute to their HSA. In this instance, employers and benefit admins can help make this adjustment upon request from employees.


Step 1: From the employee menu, select the actions icon next to the corresponding individual and select “Change HSA amount”




Step 2: Proceed to unfreeze the employee’s account and notice the change in status of their account. Click the same actions icon and this time select “edit HSA election”.




Step 3: Proceed to override into that employee’s portal and make changes to HSA contribution. Determine when the change will take place, what the amount is, and review any documents regarding HSA’s. Click “save changes” below to confirm.






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