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Jobs Integrations - Feature Admin

You probably already receive candidates from Indeed, but this integration will allow jobs you post in BerniePortal to appear automatically on Indeed. Then, it allows Candidates to apply for your job within Indeed’s mobile-optimized user interface and have their application - including responses to your application questions - appear directly inside BerniePortal for you.

Indeed has a nice video explaining from a high level how its integrations with applicant tracking systems such as BerniePortal’s Jobs feature work. You can check out that video here.


A few notes on the integration:

1. When you publish a job in BerniePortal, Indeed will pull all of the information about that job along with the application questions and post it. You do not need to do anything.

2. Your job posting will be available on indeed.com and you can search by your organization’s name in the “What” field and also by the city or town that your job post is in.


If you’d like a better high level understanding on how the integration works, download the BerniePortal + Indeed Integration Guide.



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