Masquerading Help

By “masquerading” as a user in BerniePortal, you’ll actually play the role of that user, having access to all personal and benefit details, as well as make permanent changes to their account. Masquerading is useful for,


  1. Reviewing or editing elections
  2. Completing paperwork
  3. Reviewing or editing demographic information
  4. Perform employee feature tasks (review notices, request PTO)


From your employees list, hover over the actions gear and select “Masquerade.”


/Users/trapptubbs/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 10.12.14 AM.png


Click the acknowledgement that you’ll be logged out of your admin account and into the chosen employee’s BerniePortal. You will now have full access to the user’s BerniePortal and may proceed to performing the desired task.


Once finished masquerading, click “Return to admin account” in the yellow banner above.


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