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Payroll Subgroups - Employer

 The Payroll feature is subgroup based, meaning you can apply a variety of payroll settings to different groups of employees. While in the Payroll feature, click the ‘Subgroups’ tab to access the Payroll Subgroup menu. Hover over the actions gear to view/edit, clone, or delete a payroll subgroup.

Within the Payroll Subgroups area, you'll have the options to:





Creating a new Payroll subgroup can be performed from your employer profile. Click here, to learn how to add a new subgroup.






Within the subgroup, you can set how and when payroll should be processed. In the Subgroups area of your Payroll feature, start by hovering the actions gear to edit.


Click “View/Edit”.




Edit the subgroup’s name and/or define the # of pay periods. BerniePortal currently supports the following pay periods: annual, bi-weekly, daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-monthly, and weekly.




Then, you’ll want to set the payroll and paycheck dates. The options for when a pay period ends and when paychecks are sent may vary based on the number of pay periods you have selected.




Confirm your dates for pay periods and what dates checks should be deposited.


BernieTip: If a pay period date or check date fall on a weekend or holiday, you will be notified and will be able change the date by clicking on the calendar next to the date to select a new date.


/Users/trapptubbs/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 10.17.10 AM.png



Implementation takes place in individual employee’s profiles, accessible from your Employees list.


Once configured, it’s time to add employees to the Payroll subgroup. Assigning employees is done in the individual employee’s profile, accessible from your Employees list. Simply select the employee you wish to assign.


/Users/trapptubbs/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 9.49.17 AM.png


Scroll down to the employee’s “Subgroup area and hover over the actions gear next to the feature that you wish to assign the individual to. Select ‘Change subgroup’ and choose the appropriate subgroup from the pop up window.



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