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Time Subgroups - Employer

Once you’ve created your Time subgroup(s), click on it from the Time & Attendance subgroups list in order to configure it’s time settings, or hover over the actions gear to clone/delete it.

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Creating a new Time subgroup can be performed from your employer profile. Click here, to learn how to add a new subgroup.





To start with configuring a Time subgroup, click on an existing subgroup to open its preferences. Within a subgroup, you can set which day of the week that employee timesheets are collected.


Workweeks will revolve around the day of the week you select. For example, if your group collects timesheets on Tuesdays, workweeks will start on Wednesdays and end on Tuesday.




“Approved IP Address”:


Adding an approved IP address will restrict access of the time feature outside of an approved IP. Employer admins may add an approved IP address at the bottom of the timesheet page.


For example, entering an approved IP address means that employees wouldn’t see the option to clock in or out from any other location outside of the approved address.





Implementation takes place in individual employee’s profiles, accessible from your Employees list.


Adding employee to a subgroup:


Once configured, it’s time to add employees to the PTO subgroup. Assigning employees is done in the individual employee’s profile, accessible from your Employees list. Simply select the employee you wish to assign.


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Scroll down to the employee’s Subgroup area and hover over the actions gear next to the feature that you wish to assign the individual to.


Select “Change subgroup” and choose the appropriate subgroup from the pop up window.




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