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Custom Reports - Broker

Sometimes a Standard Report may have too much information or you may find yourself generating multiple reports to get the right information you need.


With Custom Reports, you can create your own report that contains the exact information you need to consistently pull on a regular basis. Start by Adding a new Custom Report.





Add Custom Report

1. Start by clicking the “Add Custom Report” link above the List of Custom Reports. The Add new Custom Report modal will open.




2. Add a title for the Custom Report and select which data types to include on the report using the Dropdown selector and clicking “Add”.


BernieTip: Drag and drop your selected Data Types to reorder them. The order in which they appear in the modal is the order that the data types will appear in columns on the report.




3. Once your Custom Report is saved, it will appear in the Custom Reports list in your Reports feature.


4. To generate, click on the name of the report you want to generate and select which clients to include on it.





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