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Edit employee elections

If you have an employee that needs to make adjustment or correction to their benefits, employers and benefit admins may assist from their employee’s menu. Available actions regarding benefits are in accordance to the status of an employee’s enrollment.


Click on the following scenario that applies to the employee needing assistance:





“Employee needs assistance with elections”:


Sometimes employees need assistance with electing their benefits. That’s when employers and benefit admins can step in and provide a helping hand during this complicated time. Employers and benefit admins have the ability to edit elections by overriding an employee’s portal and making elections for them.


Step 1: Find the individual who needs assistance with elections from employee menu (employees who are in the process of electing their benefits will be designated as “awaiting elections” in the status column)


Step 2: Click corresponding actions icon to the right of employee and select “Edit Elections”





Step 3: You’ll be notified that you are leaving your admin account and accessing the employee’s portal. Proceed into the employee portal where you’ll be able to enroll that employee in their benefits.


Click here, for a walkthrough of the enrollment process.




Note: You’ll notice at the top of your BerniePortal a yellow header reminding you that you are currently logged in as an employee. Just click “return to admin account” to log out and return to your original portal.


A mistake was made during election process”:


Mistakes happen! That’s why BerniePortal allows for those mishaps to be corrected. In the event that an employee needs to make a correction with their benefits (must be within 30 days in BerniePortal), employers and benefit admins may open elections to fix a mistake.


Note: The 30-day adjustment period option will show under an employee’s actions gear until 30 days after their effective date


Step 1: From the employee menu, find the individual who needs to correct a mistake


Step 2: Click the corresponding actions icon to the right of selected employee and click “correct a mistake”





You have now opened enrollment back up for that employee and they will be able to go in and correct their elections mistake. Employers and benefit admins will be able to correct a mistake on the employee’s behalf as well. Click here, to learn more about the enrollment process.


“Employee has a qualifying event”:


When an employee experiences a qualifying event (i.e. marriage/divorce, change in address, birth of a child, loss/gain of dependent, becoming a citizen, involuntary loss of coverage), BerniePortal can record that change and open up the individual’s enrollments.


Note: Employees during an open enrollment cannot be given an additional qualifying event


Step 1: From the employee menu, find the individual who has a qualifying even


Step 2: Click the actions gear to the right of the individual and select “Qualifying event,”


Step 3: Proceed to “unfreeze” the employees benefit elections by clicking “ok”




The employee’s enrollment is now open for them to make adjustment to their benefits. In addition, employers and benefit admins may make these changes on behalf of an employee. Click here, to learn more about the enrollment process.




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