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Email Notifications – Agency Settings

Configure email notifications sent to your service team members based on actions by your clients and their employees.


In “Email Notifications,” a list of notification options will appear. Browse the list of notification settings and select when BerniePortal should send alert emails to your service team by checking the box next to the corresponding notification.


BernieTip: To avoid excess notifications, exclude employers of notifications during Open Enrollment by turning on “Exclude employers in Open Enrollment.” All emails will be barred for all groups that are in an open enrollment status.


Additionally, block all emails for employers at any time by searching a specific client name under “add an exclusion” and click “add.” Remove a group from the exclusions list by hovering over the actions icon and clicking “remove.”


Add which of your service team members should receive the email notifications at the bottom of this page.


Step 1: Hover over the “add” option under “Who on your Service Team should receive emails.”

Step 2: From the generated list of service team members, select the service team member who should be added to this list.


Remove members from receiving email notifications by hovering over the actions icon and clicking “remove.”



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