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Benefits Dashboard - Employee

View various benefit information right from the Homepage. Data available in this panel include:


  1. HSA Balance
  2. PTO Balance
  3. Election Cost
  4. Beneficiaries


“HSA Balance”:


Your HSA balance is updated daily in your benefits panel, keeping you up to date on how much money you have in your account. Time to save, save, save!



“Paid Time Off Balance”:


Keep track of your PTO balance for when it’s time to request that vacation you’ve been planning to take. Click here, to learn more about your PTO feature for more details regarding requesting days off.



“Election Cost”:


The “Election cost” area displays an overview of your current benefit elections. You’ll never have to wonder where your deductions are coming from again with your election cost broken down for you in the Homepage. For a more in-depth breakdown of your elections, head to your Benefits feature in the main menu.







“Beneficiaries” show primary and contingent beneficiaries for your benefits that pay out in cash (with pay out percentage for each). Notice that you can also add or change beneficiaries from here.


FAQ: How do I successfully add/change beneficiaries?




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