Employee List Actions

Quick actions are available to you by hovering over the actions gear next to each employee. Actions will vary based on the employee’s status. The employee's status will affect what actions are available from the actions gear. 

Here’s a list of manageable items from the Employee List actions gear. Click on an action to learn more:



    Employee Status


    Is the first status of a new hire or an employee who is brand new to BerniePortal. The employee appears to be in the process of creating their account and completing the onboarding process. You may resend a welcome email to an employee who has not activated their account yet by hovering over the actions gear next to an employee who needs a reminder and selecting “Resend email.” You can also choose to add or remove any paperwork by selecting “Manage onboarding paperwork.”




    “Awaiting Elections”

    Shows that an employee has successfully onboarded but still needs to make their benefit elections. This status also applies during open enrollment periods or when an employee is making changes during a qualifying event. Hover over the actions gear to “Masquerade” if you’d like to assist with an employee’s benefit elections.


    FAQ: What is masquerading and how can it help me?






    Congratulations! That employee is looking good for the remainder of the benefits cycle and all important documents have been received and reviewed.





    You may notice grey badges next to different status’. These signal that an action is required from you in order to complete an employee’s request(s). Simply click on the grey badge to perform the necessary steps to complete.


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    The I-9 badge denotes that an employee has uploaded required documents and they still need to be verified.


    VL badge shows when an employee has requested a Voluntary Life benefit amount larger than what is given and the request is still pending.


    HSA badge shows once an employer has “unlocked” an account for an employee to make changes to their HSA contribution.


    EOI reveals that an employee has requested additional amounts of coverage based on the guaranteed issue amount for one or more of their elections.


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