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Onboarding - Employee

Onboarding with BerniePortal is a breeze – it takes only 3 simple steps. Notice the onboarding tracker in the top right of your screen to help guide you through the process. 


Use the 3-step tracker above to check your onboarding progress. A green checkmark will appear next to each category as you walk through each step.


Once you finish a section in each step, click “Save and Continue” and you’ll move onto the next category. Jump from category to category just by selecting it from the side menu or using the “Back” button below. You may proceed to the next step once a checkmark appears by all documents in the list.



BernieTip: Here’s a list of information that you may need in order to complete the necessary paperwork:


  1. Personal Information - full name and social security number
  2. Contact Information - phone and email
  3. Demographic Information -  street address (no P.O. boxes)
  4. W-4 Information
  5. I-9 Documentation
  6. Direct Deposit Details - voided check, bank account number, routing number


Step 1 - Verify Info

After activating your account, you will need to fill out required personal and contact information. Some info may already be complete for you, but do make sure all details are correct.

Boxes marked with * denotes a required field. Once information is entered correctly click “save and continue at the bottom of the page to move onto the next category.


Start by filling out your personal information.


Then proceed to complete all of your contact information. Make sure to use your permanent residence for your street address.


It’s picture time! Choose to capture a profile picture using your webcam, or upload a an existing photo from your computer.



Step 2 – Documentation

Notice the Hire Documents progress menu on the left side of your screen. This list contains all of your employer’s required documents for you to complete.




Step 3 – Confirm

Once you have reviewed and signed all necessary hire documents, your last step is to confirm & submit.


Here’s a chance to download and review .pdf versions of your completed onboarding documents before submitting. Don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to download these documents anytime in your BerniePortal.



Congratulations! You have successfully onboarded with BerniePortal.

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