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BerniePortal Employee Help

Are you an employee using BerniePortal and need account support? Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding your BerniePortal employee account.

What sort of help are you looking for?

New to BerniePortal? Use the steps below to help set up your account.

To start, you should have already received a welcome email from your employer. Read over the welcome message and select the “Click here” link that applies to your situation. Are you brand new to BerniePortal? Or do you have an existing account?



If you are new to BerniePortal, you will be directed to the “create my account” page. Simply enter and confirm a password to activate your account.



If you have an existing BerniePortal account under a different email, you’ll be taken to the login page. From here, just enter your old BerniePortal email address and password to move the new hire process to your existing account.





FAQ's :


1. I have not received a welcome email from my employer. What do I do? 

2. What if I do not have an email? 




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