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Employee Profiles - Feature Admin

This master list of employees makes retrieving pertinent info and editing employee settings simple and swift. Search by name, or filter through by subgroup using the dropdown and/or search bar at the top. Other filtering options include status of enrollment and alphabetical.


Click on an employee’s name to view/edit personal information and feature settings, or hover over the action gear to perform immediate actions from the employee list.


BernieTip: Add a new employee from the Employees section by clicking the “+Add” button in the upper right corner.


FAQ: How do I add a new employee to BerniePortal?




Employee Profile Information

Click on the name of an employee to view their employee details. A list of categories which contain various types of information and settings will generate in the left side menu. Click on a category below to learn more about what information is manageable.


Personal and contact info, as well as subgroup assignment and other employee details are stored in this area. Use the blue hyperlinks under the profile picture to cycle through the different categories to find and manage the desired information. Edit employee information fields by hovering over the actions gear in the top right of their profile.


FAQ: How do I assign an employee to a subgroup?






View details of an employee’s elections laid out by benefit type. Also, view or change effective dates for plan types. Important plan documents will be downloadable under each plan type.





Download employee election sheets here just by clicking on the date of an employee’s enrollment. The information will download in PDF format.




View employee PTO detail including time off remaining summary, current cycle, past cycle, and manage approvers.


PTO Remaining Cycle is where you can view an employee’s calculated remaining time off. This is where you can make manual adjustments to the employees PTO.


Current Cycle PTO is where you’ll Approve/deny PTO requests in the “Current Cycle PTO” section. You’ll also be able to adjust the number of PTO days for that individual employee by entering the number in the spaces provided. Their PTO amounts will adjust automatically.


Past Cycle PTO is where an employee’s past cycle PTO stats are accessible.


Approvers area shows who is the current PTO approver for the employee and is where you can add a new approver.





See which notices were viewed and/or signed by an employee and save as a spreadsheet or .pdf for reference. Date posted and date viewed/signed are included.





Current and archived onboarding documents are stored in the “Hire” section. Each document is downloadable individually as a PDF.


You can request an edit to a specific document if information is now incorrect. Simply click “Request edit” and add a reason for the request. An email alert containing the reason for an edit request will be sent to the employee.


Click on archived documents to view past employee hire documents.





View and adjust an employee’s compensation. Click “+ Add New Adjustment” in the upper right corner of the Compensation area to make changes.


FAQ: How do I adjust an employee’s compensation?


“Personnel File”:


Download or add material to an employee’s personnel file. Each individual form is downloadable from the Personnel File menu just by hovering over the file’s actions gear. Additionally, you can download all forms into one comprehensible PDF.


Add categories and new files using the actions in the top right corner of the Personnel File area. Adding a category will be reflected in every employee’s Personnel File, but adding a new file can be done to individual employees.





View an employee’s timesheets and their assigned time approvers. You can approve/deny time edit requests under the “Timesheets” tab, or add/remove time approvers in the “Approvers” section.




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