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Upon signing into your account, you’ll have the options to access an "Employer" account in addition to your personal "Employee" account if you use BerniePortal for your own benefits. Let's go ahead and choose your “Employer” admin account here.



You can also access an Employer account while logged in to your Employee portal just by clicking on your profile dropdown and switching to employer account.



New to BerniePortal? Use the guide below to help set up your account.


To start, you should have already received a welcome email from BerniePortal. Read the welcome message and select “Activate” when you’re ready to create the account.


BernieTip: The link to your activation page will expire after a week of not being accessed.



I have not received a welcome email. What do I do?

The link to my activation page has expired. What happens now?



Upon clicking “Activate,” you’ll be taken to the security page where you’ll get to set your personal password. The password strength will display below the password bar. A “good” password strength contains letters and numbers.


Confirm password and click “Log in.”



Next, please verify your BerniePortal information including, name, your job title, employer’s name, contact information, and zip code. 



Your MSA certificate is also available to download here. Clicking the “Download PDF preview link in the Order Form section. Details regarding your BerniePortal order form are already generated in the bolded categories.



You’ll be asked to confirm and submit the order form by checking the acknowledgement and signing the box below. Then click “Submit & Send.”


Congratulations! You have successfully created your BerniePortal account. 

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