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The Stats panel gives you insight to trends regarding employee activity within your group’s BerniePortal. Color coordinated donut graphs represent your employee’s current enrollmentonboardingnotices, and time data.

“Current Enrollment”:


Gain understanding of what types of benefits that employees are enrolling in. This is a great tool to gauge popularity of each benefit type.


The total number of employees that are enrolled in a benefit type appears in the middle of each graph. Hover over a benefit type to see more details.




View onboarding statistics within the “Onboarding” option of your Stats panel.


Use the dropdown menu to organize onboarding data by timeframe to pinpoint hiring trends. Averages for number of new hires, salary, and benefit payroll deductions are represented in the charts below.




Keep track of who has reviewed and/or signed important notices that are sent to employees. Here, notice compliance is represented by a double donut graph.


The outer line of the graph represents the number of employees who have viewed the notice. The inner line keeps track of the number of employees who were required and have signed the notice. If no e-signature is required of them, the inner line will remain completely grey.


Outstanding notices are also shown the Actions area of your homepage.



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