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Feature Admins – Employer Settings

Feature admins play a vital role in helping to perform administrative tasks for each feature within BerniePortal. Admins are added and then assigned to a specific subgroup for each individual feature.


Click on a type of admin to learn more about how they can help manage your group’s BerniePortal.





Benefits Admin

Need an extra hand with configuring and distributing benefits? A Benefits Admin can help you out. Admins have the ability to manage a company’s benefit configurations and enrollment details, in addition to editing single employee accounts.


Benefits Admins can also view your group’s current enrollment status, pending coverage, and outstanding benefit enrollees like you would from your BerniePortal Homepage. Here’s a list of privileges that Benefits Admins will have:


  1. Configure benefit subgroups
  2. Attach benefits
  3. Turn on/off integrations
  4. Run reports
  5. Edit Benefit Email Settings
  6. Terminate/Reinstate Employees
  7. Edit Employee Elections
  8. Masquerade as employee


BernieTip: Employee records will also be accessible to Benefits Admins, including employee personal and demographic information, adjust compensation amounts, and download an individual’s personnel file.


Onboarding Admin

Onboarding Admins will help create a unique hiring process for new employees by. They have the ability to assist in the onboarding process by:


  1. Resend outstanding onboarding documents to employees
  2. Approve employee onboarding documents
  3. Edit/Update and employee personal information
  4. Onboard a new hire
  5. Run reports
  6. Masquerade as employee



PTO Admin

PTO Admins can help out with building time off systems for your employees. PTO Admins will have the following capabilities:


  1. Configure PTO settings per subgroup
  2. Edit PTO Email Settings
  3. Run reports
  4. Masquerade as employee


BernieTip: PTO admins are not PTO approvers.



Payroll Admin

Payroll Admins will have the ability to push payroll to integrated systems and view past push history. They’ll also have the power to change an employee’s Payroll subgroup.


  1. Push payroll
  2. Map with integrated carriers
  3. Adjust employee compensation
  4. Run reports
  5. Masquerade as employee



Notices Admin

Notices Admins help with distributing important information and announcements amongst employees. Here’s some of the responsibilities that a notice admin will be able to assist with:


  1. Create and send notices to employees
  2. Keep track of who has reviewed and/or signed notices
  3. Send reminders to those who still need to review notices
  4. Masquerade as an employee


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