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BerniePortal allows you to upload carrier forms that can be completed digitally when employees make their elections. This is done by “mapping” information onto them.


Mapping carrier forms keeps you carrier compliant while maintaining your digital status.


Having all of your forms stored in BerniePortal also makes it easy to keep track of them and allows new information to be mapped onto them whenever necessary.


FAQ: How do I successfully create a new carrier form?



Forms Menu

A list of your existing forms that you can attach to plans appears in the Forms library.


Options to import an existing form or add a new one are available in the top right corner.


Hovering over the actions gear next to a plan brings forth the option to view/edit, rename, clone, or delete the plan from your library.


BernieTip: Only forms that have been added to your library by yourself can be edited. Imported forms can only be attached to plans and are note editable from your account.



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