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Add onboarding material

Creating new onboarding material starts with adding a new category. Categories house templates to keep your material organized.


You can also import onboarding material.

Create a new category:


Step 1: Start by hovering over the “Add Category” above your current categories menu


Step 2: Choose a category name. Default categories include, W-4, W-9, State Withholding, I-9, Direct Deposit. Some examples of other popular categories include Job Descriptions, Employee Agreement Forms, and Emergency Contacts.


Once created, the category will generate in the category menu and the order in which they appear can be altered by dragging a category to the desired order. The order in which the categories are organized will determine the order in which employees will fill out their onboarding paperwork. 




Add a new template:


Step 1: Choose which category the template will fall under in the dropdown menu.


Step 2: Next, choose a title for the template and add a description in the text box. (Notice the ability to insert employer specifics such as a logo on the far right of the tool bar among other basic tools)


Step 3: Add any custom questions, require a signature, or add page numbers if a new hire needs to download the document in PDF format. All of these options are available by clicking the checkmark box next to the setting at the bottom of the “Add new template” menu.




Adding Custom Questions is a solid tool for collecting more in depth data from employees during their onboarding process. (i.e. Moving emergency contact forms for employees into BerniePortal will allow you to ask specifics such as, who should be your primary/secondary point of contact in case of an emergency? What is their relationship to you? What is their phone number? Etc.)


Once a question is added to the questions bank, drag the order in which employees will see them. Check the box next to each question to require an answer. And hover over the actions wheel next to each question to remove it.

“Import an existing onboarding template”:


Importing an existing template can help save you some time as well as gather employee information that your broker may find useful.


  Step 1: Choose from a list of templates created by your broker to import into your library


  Step 2: Choose an existing category for which the template should be housed




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