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How do I create a carrier form?

Attach Carrier Forms to Plans that will automatically populate Employee election information onto them when generated. Attaching these Carrier Forms takes three simple steps:



 Create a new carrier form

 Step 1: Click “Add new form” at the top right of your Forms Library.



Step 2: In the Add New Formmodal, name the Form and upload a .pdf version of it from your computer and into BerniePortal. Then click Add Form.




Configuring (mapping) a Carrier Form

Once a new Form is added, you’ll be taken to the Form Configuration area. In the Configuration area, use the Mapping tool to drag information “tokens” onto the populated Form.


Step 1: Scroll through categories of mappable “tokens” and drag and drop the desired information onto the Form. If the information you need is not listed, you might try creating a Custom Text Field or Custom Option Field.


Step 2: Adjust the position of each “token” to match the blank fields on the Carrier Form.


Step 4: Use the "Download PDF preview" to confirm that your mappings match the Form's fields.


Step 5: Save & Continue.




Custom Fields

Custom Option fields are useful for when checkmarks are required on the Carrier Form. When Custom Option fields are answered by the Employee during their Enrollment process, their answers will map to the form as a checkmark. Start by clicking “+New Custom Option Field” in the mapping tool and add field name and as many custom options as you’d like!





Create Custom Text fields allow Employees to answer custom questions with an open answer during their Enrollment process. The answer will populate, in full, on the form once generated.





Signature Block fields map the Employee’s e-signature captured during the Enrollment process onto the Form.





Attaching a Form to a Plan

Once the form has been uploaded into your Forms Library, and has been mapped appropriately, you’ll need to attach it to a plan. This is performed within the individual plan’s settings.


Step 1: Visit the “Plans” area of your Benefits feature and select a plan that you wish to add the form to.



Step 2: In the plan’s configurations, select “Add Form.”




Step 3: In the “Choose a Form” pop up, use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate form to attach.


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