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How do I request PTO?

In your PTO feature, click the “Request Time Off” button in the top right of your screen. When you do this, the ‘Request Time Off’ modal appears.


  1. In the modal, use the dropdown menu to define the type of PTO you’d like to request. BernieTip: Your employer may offer just one type of PTO or they may offer many. This should be outlined in the “View PTO Policy” modal from the “My Current PTO” area.


  1. Then, choose whether or not this request is for ‘Whole Days’ (days) or ‘Partial Day’ (hours).


  1. If you chose ‘Whole Days’, use the calendar tools to choose a start and end date for your PTO. If you chose ‘Partial Day’, use the calendar tool to choose a day in which you need to take a few hours off.


  1. Now, leave a note explaining why you need to take the time off.


  1. Once you click ‘Send’, your PTO Request will appear in the ‘Pending & Future PTO’ list until your PTO Approver has approved or denied it.




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