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How to create a new job

Create a new job within the Jobs area. Click on the “Create a New Job” button in the jobs list to get started.


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Step 1: Add job info. Fill in all of the necessary job information as well as a description for the new position.


Use the editing tools to write your description and apply desired format.


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Step 2: Document Requests & Questions. Request any documentation you would like to receive from candidates in their application.


Use the “Add a Document” button to add a document request and write the document’s title in the space provided. Then, check the box next to each added document to make it a required document. Leave box unchecked if you do not wish to make that document required.


Use the “Add a Question” button to ask a custom question on the application and write the question in the space provided. Then, use the dropdown next to each question to define the question type (yes or no or open ended).


BernieTip: Hover over the actions gear next to each document or question and click “remove” to delete it.


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Step 3: Hiring stages & Hiring Team. Here, you are able to indicate which hiring stages are included for this job’s hiring process. Simply check the box besides each stage you wish to include.


BernieTip: These hiring stages are for internal purposes only.


Once you’ve selected your hiring stages, you are ready to choose your hiring team. Just click “Add a Hiring Manger” or “Add a Hiring Influencer” and search the user to assign them. The hiring teams and their abilities can be found here.


BernieTip: Hover over the actions gear and click “remove” to remove the hiring team member.





Step 4: Once you click “Publish”, the job listing is now live. The URL shown in the “Sharing” step will direct you and candidates to the application form in BerniePortal. Copy this URL and use it to direct candidates from anywhere that you promote the availability.



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