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How to hire or deny candidate - Feature Admin

Congrats on making a choice for your open position! Now it’s time to alert candidates of your decision.


Step 1: Within the Job List, click on the job to view the list of candidates. Simply hover over the Actions Gear to view options to Hire or Decline.


Select the option that applies to each Candidate, Hire or Decline?


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"Hiring a candidate":


Congratulations on hiring a new employee! Now, after you’ve selected Hire from the Action Gear, you will confirm your hire and their status will change to “Hired”.


You’ll then want to onboard the candidate via BerniePortal’s Onboarding Feature.




"Declining a candidate":


When declining a candidate, you will have the option to notify the candidate of your decision. Simply check the box “I want to notify the candidate” before you click decline, and BerniePortal will send an email notifying the candidate of your decision.



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