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Manage onboarding paperwork

A new hire can feel overwhelmed at times when onboarding with a new company or with a new software. Ensure a stress-free onboarding experience for employees by managing their new hire paperwork while also receiving the information you need from them.  From the employee menu, hover over the actions gear of the employee who needs managing and select “manage onboarding paperwork.”


Manage onboarding options include:




Add Paperwork

Also, if you’ve added any custom documents that still need to be sent to any employee or were initially overlooked when adding paperwork to their onboarding process, it’s not too late! – Adding paperwork will notify the employee upon their next log in that they have outstanding paperwork that must be completed. They will be prompted to fill out the appropriate documents and their status will change accordingly in your employee menu until fulfilled.


Step 1: Select “Add paperwork” from the manage onboarding pop up for an employee.




Step 2: Options of your group’s custom templates will appear as options. Choose which document(s) you’d like to add for that employee using the dropdown menu under each available template. – Custom made documents are available for edit in this step. Download a PDF preview if you need a reminder of what the document looks like.


Step 3: Click submit and send. Your employee will be notified upon their next BerniePortal login.




Remove paperwork

Step 1: Select “Remove paperwork” from the manage onboarding pop up for a selected employee.


Step 2: Documents ready to be removed will be listed along with its status. [Completed documents cannot be removed]


Step 3: Click the actions icon next to the document you would like to delete and click “remove.”


Step 4: Click submit and send.




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