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Integrations – Broker Settings


BerniePortal currently supports QuotePad integration for brokers. Import rates for age banded benefits directly into BerniePortal instead of manually inputting each rate. When turned on, brokers can shop for health plans on QuotePad and directly import them into their plan library.


Here are a few steps for integrating with QuotePad:


Logging in:

  1. Navigate to: https://app.bernieportal.com/en/login
  2. Enter the username & password
  3. Once prompted, choose to access your broker account using "broker" button

Changing/verifying the integration (the integration should already be turned on):

  1. Click on your Broker profile menu and select “Account”
  2. This should bring you to the Account Settings page
  3. Select "Integrations" from the sidebar navigation
  4. With QuotePad toggled on, enter a username & password

Testing the integration:

  1. From the primary navigation menu (a dropdown accessible from the top of the screen, located next to Broker Portal) choose "Benefits"
  2. This will bring you to a plan table (you should see limelight plans which have been marked as sold & imported to BerniePortal)
  3. Plan names are hyperlinked & clickable
  4. Once clicked, you can verify information is correct using the "Configure" & "Premiums" sidebar navigation 


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