Job List

Within the Jobs List, you’ll be able to view your existing Job postings, including the status of each job, and the number of applicants per job. The Job List is also where you’ll be able to create a new job and send messages to prospective new hires.


Within the Job List you’ll be able to:


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Creating a new job

Click the “Create a New Job” button to start. Fill out the required job information, add requested documents and questions, and add hiring details including stages and managers/influencers.


If you need more help with the details of creating a new job, click here.




Edit an existing job

Click on the Job Title of the job you wish to edit. This will take you to the specific job’s area where you can view its candidates, messages, and details.


Go ahead and click on “Edit Job” for to view the job’s details. From here, you’ll be able to edit all fields including job description, required documents and questions, and add/remove hiring team members. Click here, to learn more about hiring teams.




Update the status of a job

Congratulations on finding that right new hire! Now it’s time to close that job posting.


If the job is “Published”: Your actions gear will have the option to “Mark as Closed,” meaning, that the job will no longer be accessible to candidates.




BernieTip: When closing a job posting, you’ll be able to send notifications out to all unhired candidates. Simply check the box to notify and send the generic message written by Bernie, or write your own!




If you'd like to learn more about hiring or declining a candidate, click here.



Send and receive messages between you and your prospective new hires. To access messages by job, just click on the mail icon next to each job in the Job List.




From the messages area, you’ll be able to draft new messages as well as see a list of previous correspondences with applicants.


To view a new message from an applicant or review previous message threads, just click on the subject line.



Click on Create New Message to send a new message. Just designate which applicant you’d like to send the message to. The applicant and any assigned hiring team members will receive the message in their portal as well as receiving a notification in their email that a new message is waiting for them to view.




BernieTip: Delete messages by hovering over the actions gear and selecting “delete.”


Share a job posting

Copy this URL link to your BerniePortal job posting within the “Sharing” area. This can be shared on your website or job posting platform for prospective candidates to access.





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