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Before creating your jobs in BerniePortal, it’s a good idea to first configure your Job Settings. Although it’s not necessary for each job to require all of the same hiring stages, it is beneficial to list each possible hiring stage prior to creating any jobs so that your hiring team can stay on the same page regarding the candidate’s process.


Job Settings include:


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Hiring Stages

The Jobs feature comes with four default hiring stages. However, if these don’t meet your needs, adding and deleting hiring is easy!


Hiring Stages can be edited by clicking on the “Hiring Stages” from left-side tertiary menu.


Then, add a stage by clicking the “Add a Stage” button above the existing list.


Rearrange the order in which you prefer your hiring stages by clicking and dragging each stage.


Delete a stage by hovering over the actions gear next to each stage and click “Delete”.


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Job Admins

Distribute much of your Job Admin powers among other employees within your group. Access your Job Admins area by selecting the option in the Candidates left-side tertiary menu.


Here you’ll be able to add a Job Admin by clicking “Add an Admin” about the admins list.


Remove a Job Admin by hovering over the actions gear and selecting “Remove”.


Job Feature Admins have the following permissions:

  • Create new job listing
  • Edit existing job listing
  • Edit a job’s hiring team
  • Close an existing job listing
  • View candidate applications and information
  • Send and receive messages to and from candidates
  • Post feedback to other hiring team members
  • Hire a candidate
  • Decline a candidate
  • Advance or retract the status of a candidate

Job Feature Admins are given the most permissions of any hiring team member. To learn more about hiring teams, click here.


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