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Mass Update – Employer

Update more than one employee salary amount at the same time with using the Mass Update tool in your Employees feature. 


If you have never made a Mass Salary Update before, the Mass Update area will display this message.



To mass update salaries, start by clicking the blue button “Mass Update Salaries”.



The Update Salaries modal will open. Follow the instructions in the modal to download and import a mass salary spreadsheet.



BernieTip: Make sure that you fill out all columns of the spreadsheet and maintain the format of the downloaded file. 



Once you’ve filled out the mass update spreadsheet and imported it, the yellow banner will inform you of your last successful mass update.




Employees will show the update for whatever effective date you entered for their salary change in the spreadsheet in the Employee ‘Compensation’ area.


You can also tell in the Employee’s ‘Compensation’ area what kind of update the Employee’s salary change was (Individual Update or Mass Update), as well as who conducted the change.



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