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Notices – Employer Notices

Are you trying the create a new notice? Or check the status of a notice?


Once created, new notices will appear in your Stats and Actions area of the BerniePortal Homepage. Notices with outstanding required signatures will also be highlighted by the inner line of the stats graph or labeled in the Actions area of the Homepage. Click here, to learn more about your Employer Homepage.


Employees will see new notices in their BerniePortal Homepage as well in an exclusive employee Notices area as well as in their Actions area. Employees will also see a notification in their BerniePortal mailbox making new notices not easily overlooked.


BernieTip: Employees will not receive notices retroactively when they are added to a subgroup. They will only be able to receive new notices sent from the time of assignment and forward.

Checking the status of a notice

Stay up to date on how many employees have viewed and/or signed important notices within the notices feature. Click the actions wheel next to the notice you’d like to check on, and click “views.” (If the notice required a signature, the option will read “signatures” instead of views)


FAQ: How do I edit an existing notice?




Save a .pdf record of employees who have viewed or signed the notice and see the date of completion.




A notice’s status is also viewable from the Actions panel of your Homepage. Click here, to learn more about your BerniePortal Homepage.

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