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Onboarding Settings - Feature Admin

In the Settings section, you will have the ability to edit custom onboarding material created by your employer admin and implement them amongst your employees.

Onboarding material is organized by category containing a list of templates. Templates consist of onboarding documents and information that are to be reviewed and completed by employees during their onboarding process.

“Editing templates”:


Edit a template by hovering over the actions gear next to a custom template, and select “Edit.” If a template doesn’t have an action gear, that means the template is fixed and not available to edit.



An editing tool will pop up where you’ll be able to change the template’s category, title, and accompanying text.


Also, you’ll be able to add custom questions and/or require signatures for employees to complete.


Lastly, add page numbers to the .pdf version of the template if an employee wishes to download the material.



“Implementing onboarding material”:


Use the radio buttons next to each template to turn on the preferred onboarding document for that category.



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