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Open Enrollment – Employer

Opening an enrollment period will unfreeze all employee benefits within that renewal date group, and will prompt the appropriate employees to make new elections. Once an enrollment period is opened, you have the option to send out an email reminder that it’s time to make new elections. Send reminder emails from the Homepage in the Actions dashboard.

Hover over the actions wheel to:

“Open Enrollment":

Open an enrollment by hovering over the actions gear and clicking “Open Enrollment,” and confirm.


BernieTip: Only one group of benefits can be open at a time.


“Update renewal date for this set:"

Change the renewal date for an entire group of plans. When the change date pop up appears, simply choose a new date for that groups renewal date, and click “update.”




BernieTip: “Enrollment Disabled” may appear as an enrollment status if no plans are attached to a subgroup. If you still need to attach a plan to a subgroup, click here to learn more about Benefit subgroups.



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