Other Time

Within “Other Time,” you’ll have the ability to approve/deny assigned employees timesheet edit requests. Also, a summary of all assigned employee timesheets is available here.

Two options within “Other Time” include:


Edit Requests

Here, you will be notified of any other employee timesheet edit requests. The yellow header above alerts you of any new requests, while a full list of employee requests generates below. Click on an employee’s name to view their full timesheet.


Approve requests by hovering over the Actions gear and choosing “Approve edit” from the dropdown. Approving the request automatically updates the employee’s current timesheet. You may “Approve All” timesheet edit requests by selecting the appropriate button above the list of requests.



Deny Requests by hovering over the Actions gear and selecting “Deny edit.” A deny request pop up will appear, offering you the option to send the reason for the denial to that employee. If you do not wish to send a reason for denial, simply select “Send without message.”





Review a summary of current and past timesheets for employees of which you are the assigned approver for. Sort by today’s time, this weeks’ time, or a prior date range by using the dropdown menu above.


"Today’s time"

Check other employees’ current status, arrival and departure stamps, and a “send reminder” button hidden in the actions gear.



"This weeks’ time/past timesheets": 

See total number of hours worked, divided up by regular and overtime.



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