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The Plans area of your Benefits feature displays a list of all existing plans in your account, both imported or created in your own account (imported Plans are designated by *). Arrange plans by year or name, or filter by Benefit Type.


Hover over the actions gear to clone or delete a plan.

FAQ: What is cloning?


Actions to add a new plan or import a plan from your broker are available in the top right corner of the page.


Clicking on an individual plan will take you to its configuration and premium settings.



Creating a new plan

Before starting with creating or importing a plan into your library, you will want to make sure that you have all plan information, including plan type, tax classification, provider, and any attachments or helpful websites ready when building out your plan.


Steps for creating a new Plan


BerniePortal also makes it possible to import plans from your agency.


Steps for importing an existing Plan

Setting plan premiums

BerniePortal offers a wide range of premium settings for various benefit types. If BerniePortal does not support the way that your plan's premium are set up, please contact your BerniePortal rep.

Editing an existing plan

If you need to make a change to an existing plan, just select the plan from your library while in the benefits feature. Changes can be made to the plan’s set up and its premiums.


BernieTip: Editing a plan’s premiums will automatically update the plan in any account it’s been imported to. The group’s admin will receive a message prompting them to review the changes made by you. Any other updates regarding a plan’s details (messages to employees, attachments, etc.) will not be automatically updated in an employer’s library. The admin of that account would need to re-import the plan for non-premium related changes to come into effect.


Delete a plan from your library

From the plans library, delete a plan by hovering over the actions wheel next to the corresponding plan and select “Delete.”


Employers who have imported the plan will be notified in their library that the plan was deleted.


Employees will remain enrolled in that plan unless granted a period of Open Enrollment.


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