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Service Team - Agency Settings

Service team members play a vital role in making sure that benefit administration is performed and maintained smoothly. Service team members are able to configure and assign benefits, as well as assist employees with enrolling and setting up their BerniePortal account.


Click on the “Service Team” tab while in broker account settings and a list of active/inactive service team members will be listed. Inactive service team members designate that they still need to accept their BerniePortal invitation in their email and then create an account.


BernieTip: Since service team members are relative to both agencies and brokers. In the case that a broker and an agency share a service team member, access settings (full or read-only) decided provided by the broker will have a priority over settings made by the agency.



Hover over the actions gear to edit or remove a service team member. Editing a service team member entails deciding if they should have full or read-only access. Check the box for read-only access.


FAQ: How do I add a new service team member?



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