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Service Team Member Help

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Upon logging into your BerniePortal, you’ll have the option to access a “Service Team” account in addition to your personal “Employee” account.




Service Team Members have two classifications. You'll want to check with your BerniePortal admin to see what access you have.


“Full Access” – Service Team Members that are granted full access will be able to be assigned and perform tasks, and review and also make edits to important client information. Edit mode is available for these service team members.


“Read-only Access” – Service Team Members with this privilege will be able to be assigned and perform tasks, and review important client information but not adjust any client details. Edit mode is not available for these service team members.


New Service Team Member?


Setting up your Service Team account is quick and easy. Once you’ve created your account, you can get to the more important stuff like managing benefits or customizing employee onboarding experiences.


To start, you should have already received a welcome email from BerniePortal. Read over the welcome message and select “Click here” when ready to create your account.


BernieTip: The link to your activation page will expire after a week of not being accessed. 


If you are new to BerniePortal, you will be directed to the “create my account” page. Simply enter and confirm a password to activate your account.




If you already have a BerniePortal account under a different email address, you’ll be directed to the “sync accounts” page where you’ll be able to sign in using your previously existing email and password.




Congratulations! Your Service Team BerniePortal account has been created. Now, you can begin assisting with tasks administered by your broker. Use the table of contents on the left to learn more about the wide range of features available in a service team member’s BerniePortal.



I have not received a welcome email. What do I do?

The link to my activation page has expired. What happens now?

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