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Standard Reports - Broker

There is only one Standard Report available, the Change Report.


The Change Report is useful for pinpointing employee changes made in BerniePortal within a specified period of time.


Click on the “Change Report” hyperlink in your Reports feature and select which clients and what types of change to include on the report and a date range.



Report Includes: Employee name, employer name, type of change, change reason, plan and benefit type that was changed, changed from and changed to, date of change, and effective date. 


Types of change available to include on the report:


  1. Add dependent – when a dependent is added to a specific type of coverage
  2. Contribution Cost – changes in employer contribution that impacts employee plan cost
  3. Coverage Tier –changes to employee plan coverage tier
  4. Deduction Cost  changes to employee deduction cost
  5. Demographic – any change to employee demographic info (name, city, street, etc.)
  6. Drop dependent – anytime a dependent is dropped due to turning 26
  7. Effective date – any change to a plans effective date
  8. New employee – any new employee becomes enrolled in a benefit
  9. Plan – any change to a plan of the same benefit type (example – change from high deductible dental plan to low deductible plan)
  10. Reinstated/Made Mistake – when an employee is rehired by their previous employer
  11. Terminated employee – any time an employee is terminated
  12. Total cost – Any change to overall cost of a specific plan
  13. Terminate reason – reason an employee is terminated


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