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BerniePortal’s Stats panel calculates and displays valuable client information regarding benefits. Here, info is visually outlined by color coordinated donut graphs. You can view statistics based on client benefits, client renewals, and client employee participation.

“Client Benefits”:


These percentages describe the amount of clients who are offering certain types of benefits. For the example pictured below, 100% of this broker’s clients are offering health plans, whereas only half of them are offering Life policies.


You can also view the actual number of their clients who might be missing out on offering certain types of benefits. The number of clients are listed on the left while types of benefits are laid out below. Scroll left or right to view more benefits.



“Client Renewals”: 


Shows the number of clients who have open enrollments set for each month. Scroll left and right to view more months.


This statistic can be helpful for reminding when to set tasks for reaching out to clients or service team members regarding important benefits information.


For example, the broker pictured below has 2 clients with an enrollment period in March. They’ll want to make sure all Benefit Booklets are delivered and appropriate Tasks are assigned to ensure a smooth O.E.


“Client Employee Participation”:


Calculates the number of employees in your groups that are enrolled in each benefit type.


Statistics can be organized based on an aggregate of all clients or by specific groups using the dropdown menu within the panel.


This feature allows you to examine the participation level of employees for certain benefit types.



Below, you can view the number of benefits enrolled in or waived to help gauge how popular certain benefits are with employees.


The number of enrolled are represented by a blue bar, while number of waived coverage are shown in green.


Again, these stats can be organized by aggregate or by specific groups in the dropdown menus seen above.





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