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Subgroups - Employer Settings

The subgroups tool helps you deploy the necessary feature configurations to specific groups of employees.


For example, say that benefit offerings vary between employees based on their status (managers, full time, part time). The subgroups tool helps you define those groupings to ensure that every employee receives the correct benefit offerings.


FAQ: How do I add a new subgroup?


BernieTip: An employee must be assigned to a subgroup either at the point of onboarding or at a later date in their employee profile in order to participate in the feature.


There are many types of subgroups that BerniePortal supports that help you provide a unique experience for each. Click on a subgroup type to learn more about how to create and configure:

Your subgroup library will display a list of already created subgroups, organized by category. These categories vary based on what features of BerniePortal you have turned on.



Benefit Subgroups 

Benefit subgroups allow employers to base their benefit offerings around different groups of employees.


Access a benefit subgroup from the subgroups menu in your Employer Profile, or from the subgroups area in your benefits feature. Click here, for assistance with setting up a benefit subgroup.



Benefit Timeframe Subgroups

Benefit Timeframe subgroups gives you the power to set different effective date settings.


Simply check what benefit types you’d like to include in the timeframe settings and choose from a list of options for waiting periods and termination dates. BerniePortal offers a wide range of settings for both waiting period and term dates. Use the dropdown menus for each benefit to see your options.


Billing Subgroups

Set up to 3 different types of billing subgroups (primary, secondary, and tertiary) to help organize your billing integrations.


All you need to do is input your codes from integrated benefit providers and the appropriate employees will appear correctly in each generate bill. Please contact your carriers for this information.


PTO Subgroups

PTO subgroups allow you to allocate different amounts and different strategies of paid time off for specific groups of employees. This provides you an opportunity to develop unique time off rewards for your employees as they grow within the company.


There are many approaches when it comes to setting up time off. Click here, for assistance with correctly setting up a PTO subgroup.



Payroll Subgroups

Payroll subgroups allow you to play with various payroll settings for specific groups of employees. From payroll frequency to adjusting certain dates, you have the freedom to choose how your subgroups’ payroll should be prescribed. Creating a subgroup takes place in the Employer Profile.


Most payroll settings are configured in your employer payroll feature. Click here to learn more about BerniePortal’s payroll feature.


Notices Subgroups

Notices subgroups ensures that the correct information is getting to the right employees.


You’ll be able to send specific notices to different types of employees based on their title, location, or other designations.


Click here to learn more about Notices subgroups.


Time Subgroups

Time subgroups gives you the flexibility to set multiple time settings for different employees. Creating a subgroup takes place in the Employer Profile. Once the subgroup is created, then you may proceed to configuring options. Click here, to learn more about the Time feature.

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